Losing it? We mean hair…

imagesAs we become more fabulous our bodies tend to need more nutrients and a nice big helping of B12 Complex plus Biotin and Silica for the luscious hair and nails, not to mention that flawless skin you’ve waited your whole life for. Garbo Candy’s Mayor herself, Marsha, has used it personally, helping her with the thinning of her hair and nails.

Need some more guidance? Try Aveda’s Invati line–it gives great body and shine to all hair types–even the more finer! Don’t be scared to try new things…you are over 50 and fabulous! The majority population of women in America today are turning 60! We made changes back in the day and we can make them now! If you’re too nervous or skeptical get with your primary physician and ask about Doxycycline or Colloidal Silver.

Just make sure to put you first…it’s your time to shine!

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