Fighting Against Cancer

Cancer is a traumatic thing to experience, but when you’re a child or have a child experiencing it, the journey can be that much more treacherous. Each year over 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide and is the number one killer among children.

Adrienne Walker (Left) and Marsha Power (Pink hat!) shaved attendees heads!

Garbo Candy and Garbo a Salon and Spa are dedicated to giving back to the community, whether its a discount, finding deals, finding worth-while events to promote to our readers and visitors, we are constantly trying to find a way to make our community a happier place, so we could not sit back and not get involved with an organization dedicated to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Garbo a Salon and Spa partnered for an amazing event, which took place on Saturday, April 10th at the Dell Children’s Medical Center on Mueller Blvd in East Austin. Our own self-appointed mayor and owner of Garbo a Salon and Spa, Marsha Power, was there, front and center, shaving volunteers heads to raise money for the cause, along with Adrienne Walker,  a great addition to the Garbo salon team.

Since 2000, shavees have raised over $117 million for life-saving research, and each is a walking billboard for the cause! Garbo’s Manager, Jonathan Jones, and his mother, Connie agreed to shave their heads and raised over $1,000 to donate to St. Baldricks! Way to go Jonathan and Connie–we love your new do’s!

Garbo's Manager, Jonathan and his mother, Connie!

The turn-out was awesome–from Irish Children Dancers to the Miniature Ponies, the event was a great success! For more information or to donate to this wonderful cause please visit the Garbo a Salon and Spa donation page.